Food Safety Center™, Model 50003

The Food Safety Center™ improves productivity and efficiency by supporting proper record keeping and tracking of essential HACCP checks, such as food temperature at time of delivery, during storage, hot/cold holding, cooking and cool down, as well as sanitization of cookware and work surfaces. Kitchen staff will make on-time HACCP inspections with centralized access to inspection tools, log books, company HACCP plans and food safety procedure manuals. This storage unit can be securely mounted to the wall or placed on a table top in food preparation areas of commercial kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, delis, bakeries and any food establishment which provides customers with fresh, high quality food that’s safe to eat. Easy access helps foodservice staff complete HACCP check lists on schedule, and is also a cost savings measure because it minimizes replacement of misplaced thermometers and other items.

Food Safety Center, Model 50003 Tray
Food Safety Center , Model 50003 Products

The Food Safety Center™ comes with FlashCheck Auto-Calibration Waterproof Digital Probe Thermometer for checking temperature of food at time of delivery, and verifying when food has reached the correct internal temperature during cooking. The Dishwasher Thermometer Kit and TempDot High Temp Dishwasher Thermal Labels verify proper sanitation temperature is reached in high temperature dishwashers. The Digital Probe Thermometer and the NSF certified Waterproof Lollipop Digital Thermometer are both calibrated to NIST traceable standards, and have a patented automatic calibration feature so foodservice staff can calibrate them in the kitchen. Alcohol wipes are used for sanitizing thermometer probes, chlorine and quaternary ammonium test strips verify sanitizing solutions are at the correct dilution, and pH test strips measure acidity of food. A large opening in the rear of the Center accommodates a log book, HACCP procedures, guidelines and check lists. Additional side openings can be used for other tools, such as infrared and dial type thermometers and pens.

  • Centralized storage for food safety tools, log book, SOP manual
  • Minimize lost or misplaced items
  • Easy access ensures on-time HACCP inspections
  • Six slots hold probe thermometers
  • Three compartments hold dishwasher kit, infrared thermometers
  • Large compartment holds alcohol wipes, chlorine and quat test strips
  • Wall-mount or table top placement
Food Safety Center™, Model 50003 Includes:
Model No.Description
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system
11063 FlashCheck Jumbo Display Waterproof Thermometer
12214 Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit (11050 FlashCheck Waterproof Min/Max Thermometer & Heat Shield)
54125 TempDot High Temperature Dishwasher Thermal Labels
50009 Alcohol Wipes
50012 pH Plastic Indicator Strips
50014 Chlorine Test Papers
50013 Quat Ammonium Test Papers
Reference Guide Food Safety Made Easy
Log Forms For record keeping
Dimensions 18in long x 4.25in tall x 4.23in deep
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