ThermoTrace® TTI Preconfigured

ThermoTrace TTI labels are a low cost solution for auditing the supply chain to determine if temperature abuse has occurred, where and when it happened, and who is responsible. Using a patented barcode system, it creates an audit trail to verify and document that products have been kept under correct temperature conditions. When the barcode is scanned by a smart phone or industrial reader, a cloud-based application captures and stores information: date, time, name of person scanning, ThermoTrace TTI label serial number, quality code, reader identification, and location. Users can also link additional information to a ThermoTrace TTI label by typing in delivery notes, taking a photo (e.g. damaged product), and scanning a second barcode, such as a product or lot code, or customer order number. Every time a ThermoTrace TTI label is scanned, a message is sent back to the reader, indicating the condition of the label at that given time. Messages can be customized, color coded, and in multiple languages. ColdTrak cloud-based service can also send user defined email and text message alerts to selected personnel who can take immediate action when temperature abuse is indicated.

ThermoTrace TTI has been tested by the University of South Florida, validating its accuracy and confirming that it records accumulative emperature abuse which directly correlates to an electronic data logger. Download a copy of the report by Dr. Ismail Uysal.

Watch a webinar that introduces ThermoTrace TTI and presents results of validation tests done by the University of South Florida. Dr. Ismail Uysal discusses how these time-temperature indicator labels monitor accumulated temperature abuse and directly correlate to temperature recorded with electronic data loggers.

ThermoTrace TTI SmartPhone Applications

TTI Smartphone

The ThermoTrace TTI solution combines an innovative, patented smart barcode Time and Temperature Indicator (TTI) label with a real-time cloud-based server that allows users to monitor and track their products along the entire cold chain. Data is collected using a smart phone application with a barcode reader, and information is to the web-based server via cellular network or WiFi.

For instructions to download the free applications choose your smart phone format below.

DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for iPhone

  1. Navigate to the App store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for ThermoTrace
  3. Select Install App
  4. Enter your apple iTune store password
  5. Fill in the DeltaTrak ThermoTrace registration form
  6. Select Continue
  7. Scan your ThermoTrace TTI barcode label

DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for the Android phone

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android phone
  2. Search for ThermoTrace and install the free app.
  3. Fill in the DeltaTrak ThermoTrace registration form
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Scan your ThermoTrace barcode label.



Model Number5510055101
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system
Threshold Temperature 32°F/0°C 41°F/5°C
Accumulated Temperature Abuse    
Event 1 Label Not Activated
(START tab not pulled)
Label Not Activated
(START tab not pulled)
Event 2 Label Activated
(no temperature abuse)
Label Activated
(no temperature abuse)
Event 3 Threshold Temperature 32°F / 0°C has been reached ( ±15 minutes) Threshold Temperature 41°F / 5°C has been reached ( ±15 minutes)
Event 4 Accumulated temperature abuse of 4 Hours above 32°F / 0°C
( ±30 minutes)
Accumulated temperature abuse of 4 Hours above 41°F / 5°C
( ±30 minutes)
Accuracy: Temperature ± 2°F/1°C, ±30 minutes
Dimensions 47mm x 78 mm (1.8" x 3")
Shelf Life 1 year+, if under recommended storage conditions
Recommended Storage 6°F/3°C below response temperature, between 20-60% RH, away from heat sources (vents, pipes, etc.)
Download ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator labels Spec Sheet   TTI Labels Specsheet

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