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Many prepreg products, including adhesives, solvents and composites, are time and temperature sensitive (TATS). Opportunities are present throughout the supply chain for temperature excursions and loss of product to occur. It’s important to know these materials have not been exposed to temperature abuse during manufacturing, distribution or storage, and are in conformity for use.

DeltaTrak provides solutions to help manage prepreg and composite material in the cold chain and compliance with QA and ISO standards, as well as other regulatory requirements for TATS materials. FlashLink Data Loggers are ideal for temperature monitoring and recording during transport and storage. With our patented ShadowLog® feature, the logger records temperature even when the operator forgets to activate the unit. FlashPDF software automatically downloads data to a PC and creates a secured PDF file. Compact and easy to use, the logger is an essential tool to enhance your supply chain management. The FlashLink USB PDF -80°C In-Transit Logger is a model available for extremely low temperature applications such as dry ice shipments. The on-board software initiates the download process as soon as the logger is plugged into a PC using its built-in USB connector, and a secure, encrypted PDF report is automatically created and saved on the local hard drive.

For a quick visual reading to determine if TATS materials have been exposed to abusive conditions during transit, apply DeltaTrak TempDot Plus time/temperature indicator labels to packages, cartons, or pallets. These accurate, low cost temperature sensitive labels provide irreversible indication of cumulative temperature abuse as they travel through the supply chain along with the products.

Aerospace manufacturers or users of TATS material would greatly benefit from our FlashTrak Telematics Automated Out-Time Monitoring Solution, a wireless tracking system with automated record keeping to document that industry standards are being met. Accurately calculating remaining shelf-life and out-life, which will saves hundreds of thousands of dollars of costly material from being scrapped. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for manual tracking on paper, which is labor intensive, prone to human error and loss of data.

Composites and Prepreg Materials Solutions

Composites and Prepreg Materials Solutions

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