FlashLink® RTL Prime 2G In-Transit Logger

Model 22362

  • Global cellular network real-time loggers
  • Monitors location, temperature and light
  • Proactively manage shipment conditions to reduce the risk of product loss due temperature excursions
  • FlashTrak Cloud Service platform offers different levels of access to optimize user experience and API integration into customer systems. FlashTrak receiver program allows shippers to share access to alerts and shipment conditions
  • USB option for downloading data and access to PDF reporting of trip details should communications not be available
  • Light sensors alert you to unplanned shipment entries which helps reduce and avert potential product theft during transportation
  • Airline and Maritime options ensure access to all trip data can be accessed and reported completely when transmissions allow
Applications: Real-time monitoring of local and export shipments, trip duration up to 15 days

The FlashLink RTL Prime 2G In-Transit Logger monitors and reports temperature, location and light during transport of temperature sensitive products. It is ideal for local area deliveries and intercompany transfers. Tracking routes is easy with a user-friendly online dashboard to remotely access real-time information and conditions in a truck or container, even before a shipment reaches the dock.

This 2-in-1 logger provides reports that are downloadable from the web application, plus an on-board PDF file as a backup, so receivers have immediate access to trip data if there's no cellular service when a load arrives. Other beneficial features include 12-month battery shelf life and Flight Mode feature, which allows shippers to temporarily disable transmission during air shipments, in compliance with FAA guidelines. The light sensor detects door openings, which can indicate inspections and unloading upon arrival, or unexpected opening that could be due to tampering with cargo.

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FlashLink® RTL Prime 2G In-Transit Logger
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system
Temperature Range -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.9°F from 50°F to 113°F (±0.5°C from 10°C to 45°C), ±2.0°F (1.0°C) Other
Temperature Resolution 0.1°F/°C
Temperature Sensor Type Internal Digital Temperature Sensor (NIST traceable)
Light Sensor Range 0 to 52000 lux
Light Detecton Accuracy 0.01 lux
Usage Type Single-use
Data Capacity Max 28800 Readings
Logging Interval 5 Min.
Data Upload Interval 15 Min.
Trip Duration 15-Day (based on logging and uploading intervals)
Cellular Global Quad-band GSM(850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz), GPRS data
SIM Internal Embedded (Global Data Roaming)
Battery Shelf Life 1 year
Logger Dimensions 4.05in x 2.41in x 1.18in (103mm x 61.3mm x 30mm)
Weight 4.16 oz (118 grams)
Waterproof Rating IP64
Certification FCC, RoHS, NIST traceable temperature accuracy
PDF Report Backup Micro USB to USB cable to download full trip PDF report


Each FlashLink® RTL Prime 2G In-Transit Logger is mounted on a bright green shipping card, making it easy to find when a load arrives. The card has an area for documenting shipping information and features a peel-away barcode label that can be attached to the bill of lading or other shipping documents, for traceability. It also provides shipper and receiver simple 2-steps instructions in English and Spanish.

Users can scan the QR code to quickly access more product information online.



FlashTrak is a leading real-time cloud service for Supply Chain visibility, built on modern technology that transforms your supply chain management. Access data anywhere in the world with our dedicated FlashTrak Web Portal to download, print or share actionable data in real time.

FlashTrak Overview

FlashTrak Connect Mobile App

FlashTrak Connect is a supply chain application offering more options for viewing shipment data. Shippers and receivers use the app to conveniently access information for shipments monitored by DeltaTrak data loggers.

FlashTrak Connect Mobile App