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DeltaTrak, Inc. is a finalist in the New Product Awards Competition during United Fresh 2015, June 9 & 10. DeltaTrak’s FlashLink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger is a plug-and-play temperature logger with built-in USB connector and on-board software. This device allows an easy way to download data as a secure PDF to a PC without special reading devices or additional software.

Accurate, reliable, NIST traceable monitoring and recording for safe handling of produce, the logger is a low cost solution for meeting FSMA, food safety and HACCP requirements during transport or for facility monitoring. One logger can be used multiple times, with several configurations available (ºC or ºF), with logging intervals up to: 7-days, 15-days, 31-days and 75-days. Easy push-button operation resets and restarts the logger for its next use.

For more information about this product or additional products being featured at United Fresh, visit DeltaTrak in Booth # 1342.

Main products DeltaTrak will be featuring at the event:

  1. Flashlink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger
  2. FlashLink PDF In-Transit Data Logger
  3. FlashLink Cold Chain Export USB Data Logger
  4. FlashTrak Telematics Pre-cooling Solution
  5. FlashTrak Telematics Cold Storage Solution

Other products:

  1. Pulp thermometers (digital probe thermometers 11063, 11050, 11040)
  2. PrimePro Ethylene Absorption Packaging
  3. Air Repair Ethylene Absorbers
  4. Thermo-Hygrometers

For more information about DeltaTrak, Inc., contact our Sales Support Department, (800) 962-6776 x 5121 or visit:

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Ray joined DeltaTrak in 2010 as Marketing Manager and currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing, Business Development and Chief Operating Officer of DataMark Inc.

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