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Ease of mind is what you want when you transport a large quantity of consumable product. Trust is what you need in the solutions that are monitoring your various perishable commodities, especially once they leave your domain. DeltaTrak’s reliable temperature monitoring solutions are made specifically for all points in the cold chain process.

As any type of food supplier or vendor, you already know that temperature excursions can have a great impact on product, profit, and integrity. But companies differ in the efforts made to ensure that product is traced and monitored for any kind of environmental or worker error.

It’s one thing to be cognizant of the importance of keeping temperature sensitive goods from spoiling, but it is a much more profitable habit when companies take that extra leap into the proactive ring and invest in cold chain solutions and temperature monitoring products. These solutions are what stand between you and a lawsuit. These solutions are what prove that your products were tracked and properly monitored, and indicate when or if the commodity was compromised. With DeltaTrak solutions, vendors are able to juggle issues that might arise, and alleviate potential havoc scenarios.

Consider DeltaTrak as your safety net for anything that might be thrown your way in the farm to fork supply chain. Our cold chain management solutions offer innovative, effective, fail-safe features that keep you up-to-speed and informed when problems come about. For more information about any DeltaTrak solution, please contact our Sales Department: (800) 962-6776, extension 5121.

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Ray joined DeltaTrak in 2010 as Marketing Manager and currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing, Business Development and Chief Operating Officer of DataMark Inc.

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