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DeltaTrak, Inc. has recently launched four new temperature loggers for the cold chain industry. These loggers provide guaranteed data and easy to download features. The FlashLink VU Universal Produce Logger, the FlashLink Prime Universal Produce Data Logger, and the Cold Chain Export USB Logger all include DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log™ feature, which guarantees data even if a shipper forgets to start the unit. And the FlashLink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger is the ideal device to use for documenting storage and transport conditions of perishable products, or for monitoring ambient temperature facilities.

With the nationwide increase in food safety regulations, and larger focus on prevention and controls within the cold chain market, these loggers are the crème de la crème when it comes to accessing data on the spot, and also for tracking and recording temperatures before, during, and at final shipment destinations.

Trip history will always be available to verify products were transported under correct temperature conditions. The loggers download with free FlashLink Data Manager software, and reports are easily shared via email, and archived for record keeping and traceability purposes.

Here are the four newly launched data loggers in detail:

FlashLink VU Produce Data Logger

Attention shippers of produce: It is now possible to consolidate all logger inventory down to one model for all shipments. The FlashLink VU Produce Data Logger is accepted by most receivers, saving money on stocking fees. It has a preconfigured high alarm limit of 41 °F/5°C and low alarm limit of 33 °F/0.5°C, and a 60-minute start and alarm delay.

FlashLink Prime Universal Produce Data Logger

This logger has all the features of the Produce Logger, but includes enhanced services, such as: priority, same-day shipping for orders received by noon (PST), with no additional cost for Fed Ex Ground service. Free post-trip calibration reports available upon request. Also, access to trip reports is available 24/7 on ColdTrak Data Central, DeltaTrak’s cloud-based service.

FlashLink Cold Chain Export USB Data Logger

Suppliers and receivers can download data at each stopping point along a shipping route. It is especially key in situations when products are waiting at loading docks, or when held at ports of entry. The logger is continuously recording temperature after downloading, and can be put back on shipment to track temperatures until shipment reaches its final destination. Because of its built-in USB Connector, data can be easily downloaded from anywhere in the world without the hassle with special cradles, readers, and adapters.

FlashLink PDF Multi-use Data Logger

This logger can be used for up to 60 trips. It is factory configured, so no software or PCs are needed to program the logger. It has a built-in software and USB connector, which makes it easy for receivers to automatically download data and create a secure PDF file with unique i.d. each time the logger is downloaded. The push-button resets and restarts the unit for each consecutive trip.

For more information about our loggers, or other DeltaTrak solutions, please contact our Sales Support Department and ask to speak to one of our Account Managers (800) 962-6775 x 5121.

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Ray joined DeltaTrak in 2010 as Marketing Manager and currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing, Business Development and Chief Operating Officer of DataMark Inc.

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