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Managers in the food service industry are always looking for new ways to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. But, connecting great experiences with your brand takes planning, work, and time. How can managers devote more time to their team, customer and building their brands and less time planning for inspections and audits?

Getting high performance scores on regulation inspections and internal audits is important but should not require massive amounts of time logging and doing paperwork. One way to spend less time but get high marks during the inspections is to have the right tools in place that are dependable and easy to access.

Did you realize that DeltaTrak with its Food Safety Solutions & Thermometers can serve as your one-stop shop for temperature monitoring and safety product needs? Managers often need fast read thermometers for varied environments ranging from walk-in refrigerators or freezers to oven/grill and under-counter units. When assessing operations, a manager’s ability to flow through a production kitchen or busy warehouse is essential.

High quality tools help save time and money. Quick responses from the right monitoring equipment and tools reduce labor costs and let food service managers focus more on providing great customer service. There is less time spent worrying about food safety and more time for building brands!

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