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Imagine this situation: you are selling and shipping your commodity to a variety of customers. Over the years, you started using one logger for shipments to one customer, and another logger for shipments to the second customer and so on. DeltaTrak would like to help you to simplify your process.

DeltaTrak’s FlashLink VU “Universal” In-Transit Logger could help solve your problem. This logger is accepted at most receivers and can help to consolidate your loggers so that you can use this logger for all of your outbound loads. Trip statistics are available on the large, easy-to-read LCD—and the logger itself is mounted onto a high-visibility locator card. The easy-to-use logger allows you to download data to the PC as a secure PDF report or print chart using a CT Graphics printer. Ultimately, the FlashLink VU means there is no need to stock various brands in the shipping office, making inventory management easy, and eliminating the possibility of running out of one specific logger for a particular receiver.

Additionally, the FlashLink VU does include DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log technology, which guarantees data, even when the shipper forgets to the start the logger. Logging reports are downloaded using the free FlashLink Data Manager software, and reports are saved in PDF format for emailing or archiving for HACCP and FSMA requirements.

Can the FlashLink VU help you to simplify your logging process?

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