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For HVAC installation and repair, how do you know that the system is working as it should and providing the optimal temperature? You can get this information from a temperature logger—but which one?

What are the most important features that allow you to simply and efficiently verify that the correct ambient temperature has been achieved near any given vent?

Ideally, the logger should be a complete plug-and-play device, with a built-in USB port that can be used over and over simply by pushing a button to restart. Well, such a logger does exist, the FlashLink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger.

This compact, easy-to-use DeltaTrak logger is designed to be used multiple times. At the conclusion of each temperature monitoring session when you’re ready to generate a report, simply connect the logger to any device with a USB port. The logger is pre-programmed, and there is no software needed to download the data. Temperature statistics are also available via the unit’s LCD. Once data is retrieved, simply reset the unit by pushing and holding both logger buttons until the data is cleared and a new ID is created. Models are available to provide the data in either °F or °C. Data is reported as a secure, encrypted PDF report.

So, for the next HVAC installation or repair job, include the FlashLink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger for all of your temperature monitoring needs.

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