Temperature Recording Tools Verify Temperatures during Preparation, Cooking, Storing, Handling and Sanitization Phases

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions today announced the introduction of four new food safety monitoring tools. The new tools verify temperatures throughout multiple phases of handling food and food equipment including preparation, cooking, storage, handling and sanitization. The new products are DeltaTrak's Digital Thermocouple Thermometer, TempDot High Temperature Thermal label, Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit and Heat/Cool (automated cooking and cool down) Thermometer.

"Recent food safety reform measures bring a new focus to food contamination and we are committed to providing the most accurate and effective food safety tools to our customers," said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak. "Our new tools address recent renewed emphasis on contamination prevention and provide our customers with the means to protect their customers and product."

DeltaTrak's Digital Thermocouple Thermometer is an expanded range, handheld instrument used by food service professionals and quality control inspectors to verify temperatures of foods and equipment throughout food handling applications. The Digital Thermometer kit comes with 5 stainless steel probes to measure surface, ambient, thick & thin mass foods, and soft or delicate foods. The FlashCheck Ruggy TCT Kit is ruggedized version of the thermometer for users requiring maximum durability.

The DeltaTrak TempDot Thermal Label is a single-use sticker that can adhere to a plate, utensil, baking pan or other kitchenware and placed in the dishwasher. Once it is exposed to the final rinse cycle the dot in the middle will irreversibly change color from dark to bright orange if the temperature reaches the recommended 160°F/71°C temperature. This provides a permanent record of temperature change in commercial dishwashers and validates that the item's surface has reached its designated sanitation temperature. This meets the requirements of FDA Food Code 4-703.11(B) for sanitization.

The Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit utilizes a FlashCheck Lollipop thermometer and is completely waterproof for repeated commercial dishwasher use. It can be used where steam or condensation is a problem, or it can be completely submerged into water. The thermometer is rated IP56 waterproof. It has a min/max feature so that users can quickly verify and quantify the final rinse temperature. With the min/max memory capability it will record the lowest and highest temperature reached from last reset, between -40°F to 311°F (-40°C to 155°C) and is accurate within ± 0.1°F(± 0.1°C). The jumbo display is easy to read and the thermometer is NSF certified. The thermometer features a patented auto-calibration function that allows users to quickly and easily calibrate the instrument using only a cup of ice water. The waterproof housing protects the thermometer and LCD from hot spray. Additionally, the housing has a clip for easy placement in warewashers with limited shelving to place the thermometer.

The Automated Cooking and Cool Down Thermometer provides full automation for monitoring time and temperature during cooking and cool down periods. This model's unique, programmable three-zone cool down feature confirms conformance to FDA Food Code. When the temperature of food being monitored crosses the programmed temperature limit in the designated time, an alarm will sound and a pass icon will be displayed on the LCD. If cool down times do not conform to Food Code cool down times, an alarm will sound and a fail icon will be displayed. This eliminates any uncertainty related to food safety regardless of whether or not an operator is present.

About DeltaTrak®

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