DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions and bacteria detection technologies today announced the FlashLink Mini Data Logger, its newest addition to the company's full line of data loggers. The FlashLink Mini Data Logger is a small size, single-use, in-transit data logger featuring DeltaTrak's patented Shadow Log™ capability which guarantees retention of data even in the event that the unit is not activated. The low cost logger is ideal for documenting storage and transport conditions of temperature sensitive products.

"With the addition of this new low cost logger our family of loggers provides customers with the right tool for any temperature monitoring job," said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak. "Our loggers are the most cost effective cold chain logistic tools available and they are valuable tools for any prevention control or HACCP programs."

The DeltaTrak data logger family includes the new FlashLink Mini Data Logger, the FlashLink VU Loggers, the FlashLink USB Data Loggers, and the FlashLink Dry Ice Logger each featuring the Shadow Log™ data retention guarantee. Data analysis from any of the loggers can be captured and manipulated using methods as simple as a pdf graph, easy-to-use desktop software to the comprehensive DeltaTrak ColdTrak cloud-based information management system to automatically document and audit your cold chain processes.

FlashLink Mini Data Logger- New low cost, compact, single-use logger

FlashLink VU - Low cost, Single use logger with easy to read LCD display

FlashLink USB - In transit single use or reusable loggers with USB connection

FlashLink Dry Ice - Single use logger for shipments packed in dry ice (operating range: -80°C to 48°C)

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