DeltaTrak® announces the release of two new FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Loggers.  Available in either °F or °C models, these compact, single-use temperature recorders provide accurate, reliable monitoring of conditions during transport, storage and handling of any perishable product. 

One unit works for all modes of transportation: air, truck, rail or sea. “This simplifies logger inventory management for shippers,” according to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak.  “Since recorded data is automatically scaled to fit a graph as a one page PDF report, they don’t need to stock multiple models with various logging durations.”  This means a shorter logging period will be shown with high resolution as a full graph.

Plug-and-play features of the FlashLink Mini PDF Loggers make them ideal for import/export operations.  A built-in USB connector and on-board software allow quick, easy access to trip data without using special reading devices like cradles or adapters, and no need to download or install software on a PC.  Receivers can retrieve data as soon as a shipment arrives, and make quick accept/reject decisions on the dock.

The logger can plug into a PC or tablet, or print reports directly to a printer with a USB port – no computer needed!  PDF files can be emailed to suppliers and transportation companies, or to insurance adjustors in the event of a claim situation. 

Each unit comes mounted on a bright green shipping card, making it easy to locate when a load arrives. A peel-away barcode label with the logger serial number can be attached to shipping documents and scanned into an ERP system for complete traceability. 

The FlashLink Mini PDF Logger provides verification and documentation that products have been kept within proper temperature range for FSMA, HACCP, and global food safety regulations.  They ensure delivery of high quality products with longer shelf life, and ultimately support consumer safety. 

About DeltaTrak®

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