DeltaTrak®, a leading manufacturer of life science and food safety products is expanding their product catalog to include items for health care facilities, health care professionals and people employed in public contact positions. As no single item can provide complete protection from transmission of viruses such as influenza A (H1N1), commonly referred to as the swine flu, DeltaTrak has added products that include face masks, alcohol wipes, face shields, safety goggles, exam gloves and bouffant caps.

With the recent outbreak of the swine flu pandemic, many organizations worldwide, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), are suggesting procedures that people can take to avoid and stop infectious diseases which are spread by airborne particles or contact.

According to Frederick Wu, President and CEO of DeltaTrak, “Worldwide, this recent pandemic has raised public awareness of the need for protective measures against infectious diseases. DeltaTrak is offering a line of products that people in direct contact with the public can use to minimize their chance of becoming infected. While the decision to bring forward this product line is timely, this is something we have been putting together for a while. These products, collectively and individually, are aimed at helping people stay healthy.”

During the SARS outbreak in 2003, DeltaTrak supplied to government agencies in various countries FDA approved non-contact infrared thermometers. These instruments were used for screening people with fever symptoms as a secondary check at airports, border check points, train stations, bus terminals and other high traffic transfer points.

The NIOSH approved N95 surgical mask is a very important protector needed for airborne viruses. It is an FDA approved mask that can be used as the first line of defense in a pandemic outbreak or other bio-emergency. This mask meets CDC guidelines for Swine and Avian Influenza and is also effective for SARS, anthrax and smallpox.

The isopropyl alcohol wipes are a very effective tool for cleansing and sanitizing. While traditionally used in the healthcare industry to cleanse an area prior to receiving an injection, these 70% isopropyl pads have other preventative applications.

Face shields, goggles, exam gloves and bouffant caps are additional personal safety items that also help minimize the risk of transmitting or contracting infectious diseases. These products are also useful for lab workers when working with hazardous chemicals or biomaterials.

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