DeltaTrak®, a leading manufacturer of cold chain management solutions and portable environmental test equipment, announces the introduction of a new software application,FlashLink Data Manager. This PC based application writes PDF files automatically from temperature data recorded using any of DeltaTrak’s FlashLink CT data loggers. Supported are the FlashLink CT, FlashLink CTX, FlashLink BioLogger and FlashLink CT -80C Dry Ice models.

FlashLink Data Manager is a small footprint application that runs on a PC. Connecting any FlashLink CT data logger to the computers USB port will result in the automatic creation and display of a locked PDF file. These files are also stored on that computer for archiving and are available for distribution using email or any other file delivery method. In addition to creating a PDF file, FlashLink Data Manager generates a raw data file that can be used with DeltaTrak’s web hosted and desktop software applications.

There are many industries and applications for which FlashLink Data Manager is an ideal solution. Any business that transports temperature sensitive goods and would like to maintain secure, permanent records of their commodities temperature history will benefit. This applies specifically to pharmaceuticals and vaccines (FlashLink Data Manager files are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant), health care and hospital related goods, food items such as prepared foods, produce, meat, poultry, seafood and dairy, and temperature sensitive chemical and adhesive products.

FlashLink Data Manager files provide statistical and graphed data along with a visible green or red status indicator. Statistics include any temperature alarm limits programmed into the data logger, total time above or below these limits, degree minutes outside the limits, MKT calculation, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and average temperature for that shipment. Graphically, a chart is presented that begins with the logger activation and ends when that logger has been stopped.

DeltaTrak is an ISO certified manufacturer.

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