Instant Data Visibility and Permanent Record-Keeping 

DeltaTrak®, a leading manufacturer and provider of portable environmental test instruments and cold chain management solutions, announces the availability of a new family of reusable, Digital Display Environmental Temperature Recorders, which incorporate more features at a reduced price.  Model 18020 through Model 18031 offer analog temperature recording along with an accurate digital temperature display feature for instant, easy viewing and permanent record-keeping.  Different models in ºF and ºC scale are available for recording  during time intervals of 3, 10, 31 and 62 days, in two temperature ranges, low ( -20 ºF to 100 ºF /-28 ºC to 38 ºC) and high (30ºF to 150 ºF /0 ºC to 65 ºC).

The new Digital Display Environmental Temperature Recorder comes with a large 1.5” x 0.5” (3.8cm x 1.3cm) LCD and a 2” x 2.8” (5cm x 7.1cm) recording chart viewing window.  A convenient and economical non-ink stylus is used to produce a continuous strip chart recording of environmental conditions. The recorder features a bi-metal coil with an attached stylus that records temperature on a chemically coated strip chart.  This unique design ensures accurate temperature recording, which is not impacted by vehicle vibrations or other environmental conditions such as heat or humidity, during transportation.  Each recorder is packaged with a wall mounting bracket, screws and a QC test chart.

The Digital Display Environmental Temperature Recorders are light weight and compact. They can be wall-mounted, or hung from a loop. The recorders have the CE mark and are RoHS compliant.

About DeltaTrak®

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