DeltaTrak®, a leader in cold chain management solutions, today announced that it will feature its innovative FlashTrak Telematics Pre-Cooling Solution at Fruit Logistica 2018, Hall 23/Stand A-10, during February 7-9, 2018, at the Berlin ExpoCenter City, Berlin, Germany.

FlashTrak Telematics is a systems approach for better management of pre-cool processing. This wireless solution is designed for real-time monitoring of the internal temperature of produce while it's inside a pre-cooler, and providing alerts to personnel as soon as correct temperature is reached so cooled pallets can be pulled out and replaced with hot pallets that are staged and waiting to be cooled.

According to Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak, "Our system dramatically improves efficiency and throughput in pre-cooling operations because it continuously tracks pulp temperature in real-time during the cool down process, and operators will know as soon as pallets are ready. This takes the guess work out of deciding when they should be rotated out of the cooler so the next lot can be brought in. Our data shows that cool down periods can be cut back by as much as several hours."

FlashTrak Telematics eliminates the need for manually pulping produce with a probe thermometer to check if it's reached the target temperature. It also means minimizing unnecessary opening of cooler doors and loss of cold air. Temperature inside the pre-cooler is monitored with great accuracy, and the system uses a validated method for measuring the internal temperature of produce as it's cooling down. Data is reported wirelessly and uploads to a secure account on ColdTrak Data Central, DeltaTrak's cloud-based service, where it can be accessed and analyzed by management at any time.

Optimize resources by saving time, labor and energy when you integrate FlashTrak Telematics Pre-Cooling Solution into your operation. Visibility of temperature conditions during cool down means that pallets are pulled out in just the right amount of time, resulting in a streamlined process. This directly translates to quicker removal of field heat, decreased losses due to shrinkage, and delivery of high quality produce with longer shelf life.

For a demonstration, please visit Hall 23/Stand A-10 at Fruit Logistica 2018.

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