The FlashLink Mini Universal Seafood Logger is an essential tool for helping seafood shippers and suppliers meets requirements for documenting temperature of seafood during transportation; and having accurate records means being prepared for FDA inspections.

The logger is mounted on a bright green locator card, making it easy for receivers to find it upon arrival, and a plastic shipping pouch keeps it dry. Alarms are preconfigured specifically for seafood products, with the high alarm limit set at 38°F/3°C and low alarm limit set at 32°F/0°C. A red LED flashes to indicate when out-of-range conditions have occurred.

Imagine consolidating your logger inventory down to one model for all shipments. This is now possible with the new FlashLink VU Universal Produce Logger. Accepted by most receivers, it saves space, time, and money since you no longer need to stock various brands in the shipping office. The logger is mounted on a bright green shipping card to easily locate it and download data when a load arrives. It has a preconfigured high alarm limit of 410F/50C and low alarm limit of 330F/0.50C, a 60-minute delay start and alarm delay.

Ease-of-Use Features and Lighter Weight Increase Efficiency and Reduces Cost of Shipment to Customers

DeltaTrak®, a leading manufacturer and provider of portable environmental test instruments and cold chain management solutions announces the new In-Transit Temperature Recorder specially engineered with a lighter, but durable vented case for superior air circulation and accurate temperature responses. The new recorder includes streamlined documentation and an improved pull tab design to make the recorder easier to start. Serial numbers on every unit provides traceability documentation and the recorders’ patented design guarantees recording stops at the end of the trip. In-Transit temperature chart recorder.

FlashLink Certified Vaccine Data Logger with Glycol Bottle Now Recommended for Purchase by UN Agencies

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions today announced its FlashLink Certified Vaccine Data Logger with Glycol Bottle has been granted prequalification status by the World Health Organization (WHO). The prequalification grant validates that the logger has been shown to comply with the relevant WHO PQS performance specifications and has been independently assessed against WHO verification protocols.

New Programmable Logger Ideal for Monitoring Temperatures of Vaccines Inside Refrigerators or Freezers

DeltaTrak®,a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions today introduced the FlashLink USB Data Logger with Glycol Bottle, a reusable data logger with a large, easy-to-read LCD display designed to monitor the temperature of vaccines stored in refrigerators and freezers. The logger is calibrated and comes with a Certification traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

TempDot™ Plus Labels Remain Completely Inert Prior to use and can be Shipped and Stored at Ambient Temperatures

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain, environmental monitoring and food safety management solutions, today announced the introduction of its DeltaTrak TempDot Plus time-temperature indicator labels. The low-cost irreversible labels are designed to provide positive indication that the label has been activated and is in the "ON" condition. If a temperature breach occurs the product provides detailed visual information indicating the excursion length. The new labels feature unique graphics and provide the user with a green "ON" button following the IEC 5009 standard. The highly accurate labels also provide individual label serial numbers for traceability.

"Yasu Kurauchi, Director DeltaTrak Japan will propose that while many A&IP technologies exist they require much more investment to become fully commercialized in Western markets. Here he will discuss a new technology and Business Model for Shelf-Life Solutions by using Time Temperature Indicators (TTI). The cloud-based TTI system gives the supply-chain the possibility to assess product quality and shelf life. Also how ROI in this sector can be achieved in a realistic timescale will be discussed."

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