Analog Brix Meter Sugar Refractometer

Model 12220

  • Hand-held, analog brix meter
  • Light-weight, portable, includes protective carrying case
  • Measures concentration of sugar and dissolved solids in aqueous solution
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Ideal for on-site measurement of juices and other sugar-based liquids
  • Determine fruit quality during harvest, shipping, receiving, processing, storage
Applications: Foods, Beverages, Harvest, Shipping, Receiving, Processing and Storage Facilities

The DeltaTrak handheld Analog Brix Meter also measures the sugar content of foods and beverages by adding just a few drops of liquid to the prism and holding it up to a light source. The light is refracted as it passes through the liquid and measurements are read off of a Brix scale. The higher the Brix number the higher the sugar content. This handheld brix meter model is portable, compact and low cost, making it ideal for use in storage and processing facilities.