ColdMark® Temperature Indicator

Model 51001, 51002

  • Model 51001, 32°F/0°C; Model 51002 26°F/-3°C
  • Protects products that are sensitive to extremely cold temperatures
  • Stick-on labels can be applied to a product, package, carton or master pack
  • Tamperproof method of verifying when freeze damage has occurred during shipping, storage, or handling
  • Color change is irreversible and tamper-proof

ColdMark® Temperature Indicators must be stored above their response temperature and should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 110°F/ 43°C.

Application is simple:
The ColdMark® temperature indicators' construction makes it fast and simple to add the benefits of temperature monitoring to your product. Simply peel the release liner off the back of the temperature indicator label and adhere the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to a dry surface. You can place the irreversible temperature label on the exterior or interior of a shipping container. (ColdMark® Temperature indicators should not be placed where they are exposed to crushing pressure)

Available in either 32°F/0°C or 26°F/-3°C, these stick-on temperature indicator labels can be applied to a product, package, carton or master pack of items sensitive to extremely cold temperatures.

When exposed at or below its response temperature for approximately 60 minutes, the liquid in this irreversible temperature label will turn cloudy with streaks of violet. Once warmed up above the response temperature, the liquid changes irreversibly to a uniform violet color.