Key Features:
  • Compact, single-use in-transit temperature logger
  • Monitor in a -115.6°F/-82°C environment up to 85 consecutive days
  • Onboard software automatically creates a PDF report and CSV file
  • Patented Shadow Log® feature guarantees data even if the operator fails to start the unit
  • Smaller lithium battery allows more data loggers per shipment
  • Meets IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
Applications: Monitoring and recording of vaccines, biological materials, chemicals, or dry ice shipments
Key Features:
  • Low/High Alarm Settings
  • Compact, single-use temperature logger
  • Shadow Log® guarantees trip data
  • One model records up to 85 days
Applications: Vaccines, clinical trial drugs, insulin, biologics, and other pharmaceuticals
Key Features:
  • Single channel, external Cryo probe
  • extremely low temperatures from -200°C to 40°C
  • Degree Minutes and MKT calculations
Applications: Transportation of Frozen Sperm, Frozen Eggs, Regeneration Medicines such as Cryogenic Applications