FlashTrak allows you to focus on your core business while our solution helps monitor your supply chain.

Knowing the condition of your shipment anywhere anytime
Risk mitigation through data analysis to identify Supply Chain challenges
Reduce waste with continuous condition monitoring and awareness
Grow your bottom line

For over 30 years Deltatrak has provided customers with world-class supply chain solutions. FlashTrak is a leading real-time cloud service for supply chain visibility, built on modern technology that transforms your supply chain management.

A Data Driven Decision Engine

FlashTrak collects data from IoT devices in real-time. Advanced features help identify shipment conditions patterns and improves the decision making process at the operational level throughout your supply chain.

Continuous Improvements

Real-time monitoring provides stakeholders exceptional visibility to know exactly where your cargo is at all times and enables risk management. Real-time data and alerts empower decisions that can reduce product waste and improve ROI.

Compliance Automation

FlashTrak will scale quickly to meet your business needs, utilizing our expertise in matching the right system components to achieve your compliance and quality management goals with SOP, HACCP, FDA, USDA, GxP and 21 CFR part 11.

Benefits of FlashTrak

Live Data Visibility

Our advanced IoT loggers record and transmit time, temperature, humidity, light, shock and location data to our secure FlashTrak platform in real time.

Precision Traceability

Monitor your products throughout the Supply Chain. Tracking location and critical environmental conditions in real-time is critical to identifying the cause of any alerts.

Reduce Product Waste

Having access to environmental deviations in real time allows you to respond immediately and take corrective action.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data stored in FlashTrak can be leveraged to provide improved forecasting, performance, and cost controls.

Building Trust

FlashTrak can be shared with your customers and partners, allowing end-to-end visibility between customers and intermediaries, elevating accountability through transparency.

All Transportation Modes

FlashTrak is compliant for all modes of transportation: air, road, rail, and sea.

FlashTrak Services Flow

Global visibility of real-time data reduces product waste, with continuous improvements in efficiency and profitability. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your supply chain operations.

STARTIoT loggers are placed on shipments and in facilities

FlashTrakCloud service provides real-time access to continuous data anywhere anytime

AlertsAlerts are immediately sent if excursions occur

Actionable DataImmediate corrective actions can be taken based on alert conditions

Pre-ArrivalCargo condition can be confirmed, disposition determined, and appropriate arrangements can be made prior to arrival.

ArrivalInspections and accept/reject processes are more efficient due to planning before arrival

DataOnline dashboard with summary data. Export data for business intelligence analytics

ImprovementsContinuous Supply Chain improvement is achieved

FlashTrak Subscription Includes

FlashTrak Cloud Service

An unlimited number of users can be set up on our secure cloud web portal, with access from any internet-enabled device.

Assigned Program Manager

DeltaTrak professional services team will assign a program manager to your account, providing a deep expertise and analysis in supply chain, logistics and product security.

IoT Device Management

Data loggers are matched to your unique applications; including product profiles and recycling.

FlashTrak Training

User training is provided, maximizing the benefits and effectiveness of using the system. Custom product profiles can be co-developed and will help automate information processing.


DeltaTrak is dedicated to providing the highest quality technical support to assist customers with successful implementation and problem solving.

Analytics and Dashboards

Dashboards and standard reports are included to accelerate use and adoption, helping to meet process improvement and operational goals.

Actionable Notification

Focus decision-making on the most important events with alerts provided through SMS and email. Tactical decisions can be made while shipments are in transit.

Additional Options and Services

FlashTrak Maritime Services

Provides visibility of ocean container location, date of departure, and ETA.

Custom Training

Our onboarding team works directly with your staff and partners to ensure a seamless implementation.

BI and Analytics

Advanced business intelligence features help identify patterns and improve the decision-making process at the operational level.

FlashTrak API

API enabling connectivity with ERP, MRP and other 3rd party software solutions.

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Maritime Service
Cost Free Subscription Fee Additional service Fee Free Mobile App
Shipment Search Included Included Included
Shipment Analysis Included Included Included
Shipment Route Map Included Included Included
Ceslius / Fahrenheit scale Included Included Included
Timezone GMT 0 Customizable GMT 0
Enter Shipment Details Included
Create Product Profiles Included
Notifications/Alerts Included
Reports Included
Active Shipment Dashboard Included
Shipment Sharing Included
Complete Shipment Included
Geo Fencing Included
User Permissions Included
Account Manager Included
User Training Included
Maritime Location Tracking Included

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