FlashTrak View provides fast and easy access to shipment data. By entering a logger trip number, FlashTrak View provides logger activation status and a real-time view of temperature and location information. Real-time shipment data empowers users to take proactive measures, and helps avoid possible cargo losses. FlashTrak View is a free service from DeltaTrak.

Shipment View

Map shows the current location of your shipment, along with an overview of the route traveled.

Graph shows all of the captured sensor data, including temperature, humidity and light. The graph is viewable in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Data Analysis

Time/Temperature Graph can be focused on a specific area, so users can define the data set that is analyzed in the FlashTrak statistics section.

Data Table is presented in list format, including date/time, temperature, light and humidity. The information is presented in order from earliest to most recent, and may be exported as a CSV file.

Statistics Analysis provides key metrics such as minimum, maximum and average temperature showing the valuable insights needed for decisive action.

Route Details

Shows the current cargo location, and can be expanded to show all sensor data captured during the trip. Click the vehicle icon to see a temperature log starting from the trip departure point and ending with the current location.

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