FlashLink® In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger

Model 22352

  • Monitors location, temperature and humidity
  • Data transmitted via GSM cellular networks
  • No need to open vehicle doors to access information
  • 24/7 cloud service to view and analyze data remotely
  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions
  • Customize settings for logging intervals, high/low alarm limits
  • Data stored in the cloud for traceability, audits, HACCP, and FSMA compliance
  • Extended battery life

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Applications: Real-time monitoring of local and export shipments

The FlashLink In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger monitors and reports temperature, humidity and location during transport of perishable temperature and humidity sensitive products. Track deliveries using a cloud based service to see real-time route information and conditions in a shipping container or truck.

This reliable single-use data logger sends trip data, at regular intervals, to the cloud, where it’s always available. An online dashboard makes data available to shippers at all times, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock.