Pocket ISFET pH Meter

Model 24006

  • Low cost, non-glass ISFET ph system
  • Instant response time
  • Stores dry, requires no fill solution
  • Replaceable reference electrode
  • Auto Shut off
  • Able to read a single drop of buffer or sample
  • Quick pH readings of foods, soils, wastewater, pools, and other samples
  • Protective case, pH 4.0 buffer solution and 7.0 buffer solution included
Applications: Food, Beverage, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Environmental

Model 24006 is a low-cost non-glass Pocket ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) pH Meter featuring a virtually unbreakable silicon chip sensor that gives stable readings in seconds. The pH meter is rated IP67 waterproof and is ideal in applications involving food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and environmental studies. The ISFET pH meter is capable of reading a single drop sample and stores dry requiring no storage solution. The meter’s easy to read LCD displays both pH and temperature and its reference electrode is replaceable further extending the product’s longevity.