FlashLink® USB Reusable Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Model 40550

  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • External temperature probe
  • Programmable settings: logging interval, upper/lower alarm limits, delay start
  • High/low alarm indicator with audible tone
  • Large, easy to read LCD
  • Built-in USB connector, no special reading device needed
  • Minimum/maximum readings viewable on LCD
Applications: Produce, Prepared Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Storage Units, Refrigerators

This reusable logger can monitor temperature and humidity in facilities, storage and processing areas, clean rooms, labs, and during transport. It is equipped with an external sharp tip probe, providing the option to monitor internal core temperature. Data is available in PDF or spreadsheet format and used for various purposes, such as process or equipment verification and validation, thermal mapping, and documenting environmental conditions to meet GMP, GDP and regulatory compliance. Reports are analyzed to identify trends and patterns, and management decisions can be made to improve practices in areas such as processing and cold chain logistics. Data is easy to archive for record keeping, audits, and compliance with FDA, CDC, HACCP, FSMA and other regulatory requirements.

A built-in USB connector makes it convenient to program and download the logger without special reading devices. Data Manager Software allows users to configure parameters, such as logging intervals, delay start, high/low alarm limits, and audible alarm tone. Reports display temperature and humidity in graph and table formats; summary data and analytics are automatically calculated, including Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).