Salinity Refractometer™

Model 24240

  • Hand-held analog salt meter
  • Light-weight, portable, includes protective carrying case
  • Measures concentration of salt and dissolved solids in aqueous solution
  • Provides reading in parts per thousand (PPT) and specific gravity (SG)
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Ideal for on-site measurements in processing and storage areas, or in the field
  • Determine salinity during preparation of pickles, seafood products, frozen vegetables and fruits

The DeltaTrak Salinity Refractometer™ is an optical salt meter designed to test the salinity of water or brine. Brined products including poultry, bacon, ribs or seafood are often flavored, tenderized and preserved using brine. The Salinity Refractometer displays a direct reading of the specific gravity and concentration (Parts Per Thousand) of salt in water. This portable refractometer can be used to check and maintain stock solutions and dilutions. In the food industry, the brix meter is especially effective in the preparation of frozen vegetables, fruits, seafood and ocean byproducts.