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The FlashTrak Telematics Real-Time Mobile Solution provides the tools to monitor trucks 24/7 as they travel across the country. It offers the ability to monitor commodities with ambient temperature, GPS location, actual product temperature using DeltaTrak's unique Product Emulation feature, and keep up to date with specific alerts which can be determined by the user's needs. The data is uploaded to ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service using either the cellular data network or WiFi, at which point the user has access from anywhere in the world.

In this solution, the shipper of the temperature sensitive products uses FlashTrak TM Data Loggers to record ambient air and/or actual product temperature, and uses ColdTrak Data Central to set parameters for alert notifications. The FlashTrak TM Data Loggers are mounted inside truck trailers and wirelessly communicate temperature measurements to a Mobile Control System (MCS) that is installed in the truck cab. The solution provides real-time monitoring of the products and notifies the user of temperature excursions by audio alarms, text messages, and emails. All of the data is automatically uploaded to ColdTrak Data Central, where it is analyzed and reports are generated.


A geo-fence is a predefined area or boundary for a real-world geographic location. The system provides the ability to create a circular area around a location by using its latitude and longitude coordinates, and will track devices entering or leaving the geo-fenced area. Alerts can send automatic notification via SMS, email and/or voice recorded messages for entry/exit to the specified perimeters. For example, on a delivery route from a distribution center to multiple stores, when the vehicle enters the geo-fence for a particular store, the store manager will get a message with time of entry and temperature of products being delivered.

Mobile M2M Data Service

FlashTrak Telematics uses the latest Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications technology and state-of-the-art applications to provide a complete solution for managing a globalized cold chain. We provide reliable data communication, maximum data coverage and access, and real-time information from locations around the world. A key feature of the Mobile M2M data service plan is that it is a self-contained stand-alone system capable of transmitting directly to ColdTrak cloud service without having to access the user’s network. It is provided as part of our solutions, and is based on usage and optimized for cost savings.

ColdTrak Data Central (21 CFR Part 11)

FlashTrak Telematics in conjunction with ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service, provides key solutions for monitoring temperature during all phases of the pharmaceutical cold chain starting with cold storage, during transportation, and finally during the critical last mile of distribution to the patient. Our solutions provide documentation that addresses the need for traceability and access to important data at any time and from any location. Each customer has a user/super admin login to track all changes made to the secure system, thus ColdTrak/FlashTrak is FDA Title 21CFR Part 11 Compliant.

Product Emulation

Most temperature sensing solutions are designed to measure ambient air temperatures, but it is more important to know how the product itself reacts to the changes in its environment. DeltaTrak has implemented a product temperature modeling algorithm which can improve the efficiency by emulating the true impact of temperature changes in the product being transported. Often transport vehicles experience changes in the storage temperature through door opening events, less than optimal refrigeration unit operation, and even during refrigeration power failures. These are some of the conditions that directly impact the internal temperatures of the product being transported. The largest benefit of Product Emulation is knowing actual product temperature without having to physically probe and damage the commodity.


The Alerts feature include email, SMS text and voice recorded messages which can be configured and then sent to designated recipients when the various specified alert conditions occur. The system includes a wide range of alerts including:

    • Hi/low temperature excursions
    • Geo-fence entry/exit with date/time/temperature
    • Degree Minutes
    • Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
    • and many more……

In addition to allowing alerts to be defined, this feature also includes the Alerts History table that gives details of prior alerts which have been sent to the designated users. Alerts can be configured for whole fleets or for individual vehicles, and can be sent to either email addresses, mobile phone numbers, SMS or all of the above.

Google Maps

The FlashTrak Telematics system incorporates world-class mapping technology from Google Maps. These maps are frequently updated and provide global coverage. Features such as satellite photography, draggable panning and detail down to street level are provided. Map operations such as zooming and centering can also be performed in a single screen.

Flexible Reports

ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service provides a flexible reporting tool that is used to create all the reports from data collected and sent by the FlashTrak telematic systems to ColdTrak. It includes the option for scheduling routine reports which can be automatically generated and emailed on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Reports are easily customized to meet the needs of the user. Custom reports can also be requested through DeltaTrak’s Technical Support Group. Following are some of the reports which can be produced in ColdTrak:

  • Vehicle Journey Summary Report:
    A list of trips defined by starting point and time, trip end in relationship to time and location
  • Vehicle Activity Report:
    A list of all Temperature events including time and place
  • Vehicle Timesheet Report:
    A summary of individual vehicle activity, times and locations
  • Temperature Activity Report:
    All temperature and alert events for each data logger
  • Geo-fence Report:
    A listing of entry and exit of set geo-fence boundaries
  • Idle Time Report:
    A list of all vehicles idle for set periods of time
  • Waypoint Report:
    A list of all locations visited by vehicles that are defined by customer’s locations
  • Routing Analysis Report:
    A summary of the regions visited within a specified time period and whether any vehicle went off-route

FlashTrak Telematics Mobile Control System (MCS)

The FlashTrak MCS is the main control unit in mobile applications where it will be traveling with a truck/trailer unit, and is able to report temperature in real-time. The MCS is self contained in a sealed plastic case and has provisions for power connection to a constant 12-volt power source. The primary responsibility of the MCS is to collect data from the TM Loggers and upload information to ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service. It also provides GPS coordinates of the truck. No driver interaction is required with FlashTrak equipment.

TMX Logger (high power)

FlashTrak TMX Data Loggers operate on internal battery power. No external power source or connection is required. In facility applications these high power TMX loggers are installed in cold storage rooms, processing areas, blast freezers and reach-in refrigerators where a stronger signal is needed to penetrate thick steel doors which usually have seals. For mobile applications, the TMX logger will be utilized when customers require a second channel to monitor another temperature point, such as door openings. Any application which requires maximum signal connectivity will require the TMX Logger. Each logger communicates with the FCS/MCS receiver (through a repeater if needed), and allows the data to be uploaded to ColdTrak where it can be reviewed by management.

TM Logger (compact)

FlashTrak TM Data Loggers operate on internal battery power. No external power source or connection is required. For mobile applications these compact TM loggers are mounted in trucks with a custom metal mounting bracket for protection. Optionally, TM Loggers can be placed inside crates or cartons with fresh produce, to monitor commodities during transit. In facility applications, TM loggers can be mounted on shelving or warehouse racking systems. Each logger communicates with the FCS/MCS receiver (through a repeater if needed), and allows the data to be uploaded to ColdTrak where it can be reviewed by management.

TMX Repeater

The FlashTrak TM Repeater operates on A/C power via a direct plug-in type wall transformer. The combination of repeaters and FlashTrak loggers is designed to give superb coverage to an entire facility with maximum connectivity. The repeaters will be deployed as needed, to allow flexibility for positioning the FCS receiver in a remote office while still maintaining signal and network integrity.