Pocket Type Thermo-Hygrometer

Model 13308

  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • Dual display for humidity & temperature
  • Maximum & minimum reading memory
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Fast reading update
  • Large and clear display
  • Pen shape design with a pocket clip attached to back side
Applications: Food Distribution, Storage Areas, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Greenhouses, Broiler Houses, Hatcheries, Clean Rooms, Walk-in Coolers

Applications: The thermo hygrometer can be used for monitoring environmental conditions during food distribution and in storage areas, ripening rooms, greenhouses, and more.

The Pocket Type Thermo Hygrometer, Model 13308, is a compact unit with a pocket clip on the back. The high visibility case means it won't be lost in the lab or out in the field.