Quick Start Guide
Models 22370, 22370-01, 22371, 22372

Button Functions

  1. LED indicator light
  2. Start/Stop Power Button
  3. Display current data
  4. LCD display window
  5. Bluetooth printing
  6. Sleep mode/Flight mode
  7. Device ID, manufacture date, model number

Model 22370 Bracket with external sensor

LCD Display Indicators

  1. Network signal
  2. Data uploading
  3. Bluetooth printing
  4. Bluetooth connected
  5. Charging
  6. Battery level
  7. Temperature scale °C/°F
  8. Temperature alarm
  9. Time
  10. Date
  11. Number of temperature records
  12. Current humidity
    (model 22371 only)
  13. Current temperature
  14. Recording indicator

Cloud Service Contact

  1. Go to flashtrakrtl.com and sign in using the username and password provided to you by DeltaTrak. If you do not have one, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Charging the Battery

Fully charge the RTL Reusable Data Logger before use. Upon activation, it will run for 15 days.

  • Red LED indicator flashes once every second during charging
  • When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns off
  • Low battery power is indicated with one flash every 3 seconds
Red LED Indicator Light When battery is depleted, charge for 4 hours until battery level icon shows full and red LED turns off. Plug the charging cable into the micro USB port of the bottom of the unit, and the USB connector to a 5V 2.4A USB charger.

Setting Up a New Shipment

  1. In the Dashboard click the New Shipment button at the top left above the Active Shipments panel.
  2. Select the Device ID and select the device trip number you would like to activate. Shipment ID is available for you to enter a personal reference. At this point, you can either select a Shipper from the drop down list or click New Shipper to create a new one. Select a Receiver from the drop down list or create a new one. Assign the appropriate Product type and click the Save button.


For the best experience, the device should be used with the FlashTrak web service (https://flashtrakrtl.com). This will enable real time monitoring and alerting capabilities. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FlashLink RTL Real-Time Data Loggers are intended to be used with FlashTrak cloud services (https://flashtrakrtl.com)

  1. Setting
    Alarm thresholds can be changed via the web app. The https://flashtrakrtl.com web portal enables users to:
    • Change the temperature thresholds
    • Add alarm notification personnel
    • Share shipment data with non registered users
    • Set location notification
    • Set up automatic flight mode
  2. Start
    Press and hold the Start/Stop Power button until REC is displayed on the LCD screen. The device is now active. The number of temperature records will be displayed on the LCD screen.
    (Use the default alarm thresholds or change the alarm thresholds via Deltatrak web app https://flashtrakrtl.com).
  3. Checking the Data
    Data is logged every 5 minutes, and uploaded to the cloud service every 15 minutes, as long as there is a cellular connection. When there is no cellular connection, the data is recorded in memory. When the cellular connection is re-established, the RTL logger will upload all data points stored since the last upload.
    Data can be reviewed from the LCD at any time during the logging period. Press the Data button to display:
    • MAX = highest recorded temperature
    • MIN = lowest recorded temperature
  4. Flight Mode/Sleep Mode
    Flight mode will suspend communication between the logger and the web application. No cellular signals will be sent or received and the LCD will be shut off. The logger will continue to actively monitor and store all data points in memory. Note that location data points are not recorded during flight mode because they are only available when there is cell tower communication.
    • Press and hold the Mode button to enter Flight mode.
    • Press and hold the Mode button again to exit Flight mode. The logger will begin sending and receiving signals with the next upload interval (15 minutes). Once cellular service is re-established, the logger will upload all stored data points which will now be visible from the web app. Note that location points will not be part of the data set from the Flight mode period.
  5. Stopping the Logger
    • Press and hold the Start/Stop Power button until REC is no longer displayed on the screen.
    • On the https://flashtrakrtl.com website, click the Complete button on the Edit Shipment window. (If the logger is on when the shipment is completed, it will automatically create a new shipment on the next interval)
  6. Reports
    • Download from Logger: When the trip recording is stopped, the device will generate a PDF report automatically. Use a USB cable to connect to the PC. Location data is not recorded in logger memory, and therefore will not show on this report.
    • From Web Application: The entire set of data will be backed up in the account on flashtrakrtl.com. Log into the account, click on the device ID, select Data Analysis. Location data is included and is based on triangulation from cellular tower locations. Temperature and humidity is linked to the location at the time the data is uploaded to the web application.
  7. Bluetooth Printer
    Model 22375 FlashLink RTL Bluetooth Printer is an optional accessory which is sold separately.
    Turn on the printer. Press and hold the Print button on the logger for 3 seconds. The logger will connect to the printer and send the data which the printer will output to a paper chart.


Please read the following notes carefully before using:

  • If the device doesn’t upload the data to the web app, confirm that the device is working properly or check to see if device is in flight mode.
  • Confirm that the device is working within the measurement range.
  • Do not disassemble the device.
  • Keep the device away from fire.
  • Keep the device away from liquid

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