Food Safety Stand, Model 50010

The Food Safety Stand is a storage system with essential HACCP tools centrally located for service staff to perform time and temperature checks and ensure customers are offered high quality food that is safe to eat. The compact design makes it ideal for portable food tasting stations, food sampling carts, mobile food trucks, concession stands and any food service area where space is limited.

Food Safety Station, Model 50003 Tray

The stand includes DeltaTrak’s FlashCheck Auto-Calibration Waterproof Digital Probe Thermometer for verifying safe internal temperature of food during cooking and holding. This extremely fast and accurate thermometer is factory calibrated to NIST traceable standards and features an automatic calibration feature so foodservice staff can recalibrate it at any time. The Count-Up/Count-Down Timer beeps an audible alert to make sure food doesn’t exceed the safe time limit designated by the FDA Food Code. Sharp, heavy duty Kitchen Shears cut open packages, open bottle caps and cut food samples into bite-sized portions. Alcohol Wipes are contained in a dispenser which holds up to 200 individual packets used for sanitizing thermometer probes and kitchen shears to prevent cross contamination. This storage unit can be securely mounted to the side of a cart or placed on a table top, and is easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Centralized storage for food safety HACCP tools
  • Compartments hold probe thermometer, pen, kitchen shears, alcohol wipes and timer
  • Includes probe thermometer with automatic calibration feature, waterproof for easy sanitization
  • Sharp, heavy duty kitchen shears for opening bags, bottle caps, and cutting food
  • Dispenser holds alcohol wipes for sanitizing probe and scissors
  • Count-Up/Count-Down Timer ensures proper cooking and holding times
Food Safety Stand, Model 50010 Includes:
Model No.Description
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system
11063 FlashCheck Jumbo Display Waterproof Thermometer
50007 Count-up/Count-down Timer
50030 Kitchen Shears
50009 Alcohol Wipes (1 box / 200 pcs)
Dimensions 4.25 in long x 4.33 in tall x 4.33 in deep (108 mm long x 110 mm tall x 110 mm deep)
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