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It seems like every time you pick up a trade journal, some company or the other is offering a last mile solution.

Whether this is a special package that has been validated for "x" amount of hours, or a device no different than a basic chemical indicator that will give you a good or bad forensic analysis after the event.

Many companies spend millions of dollars every year trying to meet compliance regulations, right down to the final point of delivery. But what happens when packages get delivered? Who makes sure that the product is good, or if it was left outside for a time, or placed on a shelf until it is needed (such as with a clinical supply, where suitable trial patients may take a year or more to find and be enrolled)?

Cost is usually a big consideration to determine what to use. A simple chemical indicator may be good if you know that the product will be used almost immediately - but for products stored over long periods and only used occasionally, a monitoring device like a cheap data logger may well exceed its memory, or run out of battery life and need re-calibration.

DeltaTrak now offers Thermo-Trace TTI labels and product condition reading services that can be used on an Android or iPhone device. This service will provide alerts and can be read locally with these smart devices (or a regular 1D barcode reader) and will indicate any condition abuses that may have occurred.

ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator labels

As long as the label is kept in a controlled-condition environment, the label will be able to keep track of the product's condition for extended periods of time, and provide an accurate indication of the product's stability and usability until the whole batch has been depleted.

DeltaTrak offers a cost effective solution that reveals a product’s remaining life up until the last mile, with real-time read outs received through a common product - your smart phone.

Sounds like a smart solution that will fit within any budget.

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Peter Norton is a senior logistics and supply chain manager who is a consultant hired by clients in both the life science industry, and the food supply industry. Peter has extensive experience in both the domestic US and global markets specifically in the areas of cold chain management and security as this relates to the pharmaceutical industry to insure drugs that are supplied to the patient are at the required stability levels and peak efficacy.

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