FlashTrak® Telematics Route Delivery System

The FlashLink Telematics Route Delivery System utilizes assisted GPS positioning for real-time tracking of a vehicle’s location, while also monitoring the environmental conditions inside a refrigerated compartment throughout the delivery route using a Bluetooth beacon. Each device monitors temperature and humidity and employs Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit data from the beacon to the BLE mobile Gateway. Using DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak Cloud Services, shippers and receivers can monitor the data in real time and take immediate action on temperature excursions which might occur during product loading, unloading, or in transit.

Another key advantage of the FlashLink BLE Mobile Gateway as a Route Delivery solution is its cost-effectiveness, compared to traditional transportation management systems for local real-time cold chain monitoring. The gateway is easily installed in any vehicle by connecting the Mobile BLE Gateway to a battery source and placing the BLE Temperature and Humidity Beacon devices inside the refrigerated storage compartment.

Telematics Mobile Network

Product Selection

  • 41015 FlashLink Mobile Gateway with 1 Beacon Kit
  • 40983 FlashLink Temperature and Humidity Beacon
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