Pleasanton, CA, October 25, 2022 --- DeltaTrak, a leading innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, is proud to announce partnership with Optimiz, a London-based technology company. Currently, exporters who utilize DeltaTrak in-transit solutions can see the real-time location and condition of their perishable cargo while in-transit. As a result of the Optimiz partnership, customers who experience cargo damage can immediately begin the insurance claims process. Using Optimiz, a customer is able to issue a letter of protest while the shipment is still on the ocean.

Pleasanton, CA, October 24, 2022 --- DeltaTrak, a leading innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, is excited to introduce FlashTrak Chain of Custody, a new service designed to help stakeholders manage, collaborate, and share data across the entire supply chain.

FlashTrak Chain of Custody expands the functionality of the FlashTrak platform to provide detailed supply chain traceability, helping stakeholders identify all entities associated with an order, predict product quality, and confirm compliance with government regulations.

Ericsson’s (NASDAQ: ERIC) Internet of Things (IoT) business and DeltaTrak, a leading innovator in cold chain management and end-to-end supply chain solutions, today announced a collaboration – through Deutsche Telekom – that will drive cold chain traceability enhancements powered by the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform. By providing real-time tracking data for perishable food and biopharmaceutical products in transit, this collaboration will enrich food chain visibility, increase food and medication safety and thus reduce waste, while enabling sustainability and environmental awareness in transit operations. Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies and an Ericsson IoT partner, provides the reliable and secure global connectivity which is key to enable real-time data transmission.

DeltaTrak® is excited to announce that our new enhanced FlashTrak Cloud Service and 4G/5G real-time trackers will be demonstrated at the upcoming 2022 Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, Germany. The real-time, in-transit visibility provided by these solutions empowers third-party logistics providers (3PL), shippers, and receivers to overcome supply chain issues such as delays, missing shipments and damage claims.

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, announces new FlashTrak Maritime Service, providing exporters and importers with shipment location visibility while at sea. Knowing the location of a shipment, the estimated time of arrival (ETA), and delayed arrival period from the original schedule, allows for advanced insurance claims notification, scheduling of inspections and customer pick-ups. This empowers decision-makers to quickly make informed decisions regarding cargo disposition.

DeltaTrak® announces customized vaccine temperature monitoring solutions compatible with the three temperature profiles required for transport, storage and handling of COVID-19 vaccines. This includes Certified alarm thermometers, Digital data loggers (DDLs), and Real-time monitors (RTL) for vaccines stored in refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, and thermal shippers. These solutions have been specifically designed to alleviate cold chain distribution challenges worldwide.

DeltaTrak® introduces its new FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger at PMA Fresh Summit, Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, and Asia Fruit Logistica

FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger, Model 22367, is the first of its kind. With its unique 15m/50ft external and internal sensor combination, one logger can monitor supply air temperature in real-time, while also recording temperature at the back of the container.