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It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – the longer the shipping duration is for temperature sensitive commodities, the stricter the requirements become when choosing the right data logger. Longer transportation times yield a broader chance for mishaps to arise during the trip. That’s why DeltaTrak has specially designed a temperature monitoring device you can trust; one that has a long battery life; one that will go on and on - sort of like that crazy rabbit on TV.

Are you looking for a temperature monitoring device that is both hardy and accurate and that will withstand long distance travel? DeltaTrak, Inc. offers an In Transit Data Logger that will monitor all your temperature sensitive commodities for up to 75 days. Introducing: FlashLink® USB In-Transit Data Logger, Model 20910-20917.

Rest easy, knowing that your high-value shipments of drugs, biologics, or API’s can travel through the cold chain safely and securely with this robust, single-use logger that meets the most demanding of transport requirements.

This model is equipped with DeltaTrak’s patented ShadowLog® feature, which guarantees trip temperature data even if logger was never started by operator, thus eliminating costly human errors.

Lightweight, and with a temperature measurement range of -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C), the logger is equipped with a USB connection so receivers can easily upload data to the PC. This logger is factory validated to NIST traceable specifications. It is also RoHS Compliant, and is certified with the CE Mark.

Imagine the potential financial loss of shipping a valuable cargo of biologics across the world, and it is held up in another country’s port, with no way to record if any excursions occurred along the route With active temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, and their strict temperature transport regulations, it is evident that critical shipping requirements are clearly defined and have a strong impact on the patient, your company’s regulatory audit requirements, and the production facility that manufactures this product – not to mention the financial impact on your bottom line.

DeltaTrak’s 75-day USB In-Transit Data Logger meets the demanding requirements that pharmaceutical shippers have to face. With stringent budgets in mind, this reliable, rugged device weighs 1.3 oz. (36 grams), withstands a 3-foot (1 meter) drop to hard surface, and is IP54 Splash proof. It has an LCD display, with a red LED alarm.

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Peter Norton is a senior logistics and supply chain manager who is a consultant hired by clients in both the life science industry, and the food supply industry. Peter has extensive experience in both the domestic US and global markets specifically in the areas of cold chain management and security as this relates to the pharmaceutical industry to insure drugs that are supplied to the patient are at the required stability levels and peak efficacy.

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