Modified Atmosphere Packaging Products Significantly Increases Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions today announced the introduction of its new line of ethylene absorption packaging shelf life extension products. PrimePro EAP™ (Ethylene Absorption Packaging) products extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by removing ethylene gas that speeds ripening and decay from the packaging atmosphere. DeltaTrak's PrimePro EAP products will be offered in pallet cover, box liner and sheet form.

"For people in the produce industry one of the most damaging effects of ethylene gas is the fact that it stimulates plant cells to increase their ethylene production, which accelerates the adverse affects associated with ripening, maturing, and decaying, and thus shortening the window of time for shipping, storage, and sale," said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak. "PrimePro EAP technology is extremely easy and quick to apply and does not require the extra time and expense of using other modified atmosphere packaging or (MAP) gas systems."

The PrimePro EAP film contains a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding the fresh produce and will slow down the process of ripening and decay. The film is made of a porous, breathable plastic to allow proper exchange of gases through the packaging preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria on fruits and vegetables. PrimePro EAP also has an anti-fog additive to reduce the accumulation of condensation inside the package. This feature is also essential for shelf life extension because excess moisture causes decay. PrimePro EAP used in conjunction with proper temperature management will ensure that produce is delivered in saleable condition with the best possible quality, and less chance of mold and bacterial growth.

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