DeltaTrak®, a leading manufacturer of cold chain management solutions and portable environmental test equipment, announces the introduction of a new FlashLink CT data logger. This temperature recording device is ideal for documenting storage and transport conditions of temperature sensitive products and goods.

These new data loggers support 5, 15, 45, or 75 day temperature tracking. They are available with a high visibility packaging sleeve as model CT, or without the sleeve as model CTX. Recorded data can be printed using the CT graphics printer, downloaded to a PC, and/or uploaded to a web hosting server for visualization with the optional In-Transit FlashLink CT software package. A patented feature, Shadow Log™, guarantees temperature recording even when an operator forgets to activate the logger.

Both models feature factory programmable alarms that can be set to monitor for upper and lower limit temperature excursions. In the event that a logger is exposed to temperatures outside either alarm limit, a red LED will flash. A maximum of 3,822 readings can be recorded with each model.

FlashLink CT data loggers record temperature data between -40° F and 150° F (-40° C to 66° C). They are shock resistant and compact, only 3.44” x 2.07” x .57” (8.74 cm x 5.27 cm x 1.47 cm). Device certifications include the CE mark, calibration traceability to N.I.S.T., and RoHS compliance.

DeltaTrak manufactures data loggers under an ISO 9000 registered quality management system.

About DeltaTrak®

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