DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain and food safety solutions, has introduced a new high temperature thermo label, the TempDot® High Temp Thermal Label. This validated heat indicator provides a permanent record when temperatures exceed 160°F (71°C). This label is designed specifically for heat sanitation of cookware and laboratory equipment.

The TempDot® High Temp Thermal Label is small in size 0.5” x 0.5”, and adheres directly to a clean, dry surface.  Within 60 seconds of a temperature reaching or exceeding 160 °F (71 °C), the center area will undergo an irreversible color change from white to red. The label is tamper proof and offers an inexpensive and disposable solution for confirming that a temperature threshold has been met. The new thermal label is a welcome addition to DeltaTrak’s temperature label family. 

Applications for this new thermal label include manufacturing and processing. It can be used to confirm a 160°F (71°C) sanitation  temperature has been reached for commercial dish/pot dishwashers, animal cage washing, heat sanitizing, sterilization, ovens, dryers, retort, and curing operations. 

DeltaTrak’s thermal label family provides solutions for use with a wide variety of temperature sensitive procedures and commodities. They are an inexpensive solution that helps companies comply with standards and global regulations such as FDA food code and HACCP requirements.

About DeltaTrak®

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