FlashLink® In-Transit BLE Logger

Model 40909

  • Read data at shipment touch points without opening doors
  • Temperature and location data stored in cloud-based app
  • Wirelessly transmits data to smart devices with app (iOS and Android)
  • Access data on mobile device up to ~65 feet /20 meters away
  • Download PDF reports from the app or direct USB connection to a PC
  • No software or cables required to download data
  • Scan QR code on logger to download app and for more product information
  • View trip reports in graph and table format
  • Data stored in cloud-based application and on a PC
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Applications: Refrigerated vans, trucks, containers, rail and air shipments

The FlashLink® In-Transit BLE Loggers is a PDF logger with enhanced BLE capabilities and communications. The logger is ideal for wirelessly monitoring temperature of perishables as they travel through the cold chain, from produce to prepared foods, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Data is downloaded from the BLE Logger using a smart phone app. The mobile device uploads information to a web application where it can be viewed remotely.

Receivers across the globe can quickly and easily access the trip history using the mobile app without having to open cargo doors. Trip data is made available in graph and table format, and when the mobile app is synchronized to the web app, location is marked at the time the logger is interrogated.

A PDF report is automatically generated in the app and can be easily shared via e-mail with other stakeholders. As a backup feature, the logger can also be read using its built-in USB port which, when connected to a PC, automatically downloads a PDF report with the trip history.

Applications include refrigerated vans, trucks, and containers, as well as rail and air shipments. Personnel can download and share data at any touch point, allowing them to identify where and when problems occur in the cold chain.