Professional Eyeglass Frame Face Shield

Model 57028

  • Protect eyes, nose, mouth from flying debris and droplets from saliva, aerosols, sprays, splatters
  • Anti-fog coating for high transparency, visibility and improved viewing
  • Face shield is easy to remove for cleaning and replacement
  • Comfortable acrylic eyeglass frame fits over most eyeglasses
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable for long term wear
  • Reusable, universal application, one size fits most
  • 5 per box
Applications: Schools, Chain Restaurants, Food Services, Warehouses, Medical Offices

DeltaTrak’s Professional Eyeglass Frame Face Shield helps prevent transmission of infection by offering full coverage (from forehead to chin) against saliva and other droplets. The shield is highly transparent with anti-fog coating to greatly improve visibility, and is easily removed for cleaning and replacement. The comfortable eyeglass frame and lightweight shield can be worn for a length of time, built-in nose pads provide additional comfort and help prevent slipping during wear.


The Professional Eyeglass Frame Face Shield provides sturdy protection and high transparency and visibility for teachers as they interact with students during classroom activities.


Ideal for shielding medical and office staff during patient check-ins and/or examinations. High visibility and transparency allows for improved patient interaction.

Food Service and Hospitality

Provides safety and coverage for service staff when interacting with customers. The strong anti-fog coating allows for clear view of customers which helps improve the customer service experience.