Thermal Imaging System

FDA recommended Telethermographic Human Temperature Scanning System helps keep operations moving forward

  • FDA Telethermographic System During Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Non-contact and real time body temperature screening to provide accurate measurement (±0.3°C) not intended for medical purpose
  • No manual operation required, to reduce cost and lower the risk of cross-infection
  • Detects multiple simultaneous body temperature readings
  • Temperature data can be effectively captured and stored in the software

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Video: Thermal Imaging System Operation & Use

DeltaTrak’s ThermoTrace Thermal Imaging System features a camera and blackbody. The system is a thermal and optical fixed camera that can identify individuals with elevated body temperatures and is not intended for medical purpose. The camera is specifically designed for measuring body temperatures with the thermal camera sensor tuned to a narrow range of temperatures. It consistently provides temperature readings with an accuracy reading of within +/-0.3 degrees Celsius.

The camera combines a thermal temperature detection sensor, recognition software, and built-in image processing technology. Body temperatures can be effectively captured and saved onto the software, from 6 to 10 feet away, allowing for non-invasive and contact-less operation. When an elevated body temperature is detected, an audible alarm sounds and the screen displays an alarm condition. The camera offers the flexibility to be operated as a standalone, unattended kiosk and serve as a key part of a facility-wide or company-wide virus prevention strategy.

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