Pleasanton, CA, October 24, 2022 --- DeltaTrak, a leading innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, is excited to introduce FlashTrak Chain of Custody, a new service designed to help stakeholders manage, collaborate, and share data across the entire supply chain.

FlashTrak Chain of Custody expands the functionality of the FlashTrak platform to provide detailed supply chain traceability, helping stakeholders identify all entities associated with an order, predict product quality, and confirm compliance with government regulations.

Developed to utilize data captured by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API), FlashTrak Chain of Custody incorporates key data from various sources to provide detailed information regarding critical tracking events. Instead of using bills of lading, container numbers or vehicle tracking, the CoC employs purchase orders, batch/lot codes and shipping notifications to provide end-to-end product traceability.

This new service was built on the Dapicon ecosystem, which houses data contributions from buyers, sellers, marine traffic companies, temperature monitoring providers, third party logistics companies, and government agencies. The data is used for the benefit of the entire ecosystem, to identify, aggregate, analyze and convey results which lead to better and faster decision-making. FlashTrak Chain of Custody optimizes the collection and storage of supply chain records making it an efficient platform to meet the requirements of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and Section 204(d) requirement to respond to the FDA within the 24-hour requirement.

By providing advanced business analytics, the ability to effortlessly respond to government inquiries and support for sustainability goals, FlashTrak Chain of Custody will help shift customer focus back to core business.

“Thirty years of innovation have culminated with the FlashTrak Chain of Custody, and we are so excited about the possibilities it holds for not only DeltaTrak, but the industry at large! As always, our goal is to provide solutions to the real-world problems our customers face. We know FlashTrak Chain of Custody does that and we believe the benefits are endless,” Frederick Wu, President and Founder of DeltaTrak.

About DeltaTrak

DeltaTrak is a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, including monitoring devices and data analytics for temperature sensitive and other high-value commodities. Our real-time, in-transit solutions are used by thousands of clients worldwide to provide visibility of domestic and international shipments. Contact your DeltaTrak account manager or call DeltaTrak Sales at 800-962-6776.


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