• ColdTrak: Prevent Shrink and Save Money

    ColdTrak: Prevent Shrink and Save Money Download PDF Ensuring the integrity of perishable and temperature sensitive products in the critical control points of a cold chain is imperative in today’s business world. The cloud-based ColdTrak® Global Cold Chain Solution will help you improve your cold chain efficiency through comprehensive information management, and protect your financial interests by better documenting and auditing your cold chain processes.

  • FlashLink Data Manager

    FlashLink Data Manager Download PDF FlashLink Data Manager is an easy-to-use interactive program using data downloaded from any FlashLink® in-transit data logger. The program creates a locked PDF file that is ideal for security and regulatory compliance including FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Once installed on a Windows PC, the program runs in the background, and when a logger is connected via USB port.

  • FlashLink Program Manager

    FlashLink Program Manager Download PDF The FlashLink Program Manager software is a user-friendly and feature- packed program available for FlashLink Reusable loggers. It can be downloaded from the DeltaTrak website, must be purchased and requires a serial number to complete installation. The Set-Up Wizard and Import function become active only when the FlashLink Program Manager Software interfaces with FlashLink® Reusable loggers.

  • FlashLink Wireless Systems: Cold Chain Monitoring, Alarming & Reporting

    FlashLink Wireless Systems: Cold Chain Monitoring, Alarming & Reporting Download PDF DeltaTrak® offers a state-of-the-art wireless monitoring network designed to help customers qualify temperature and humidity conditions throughout their environment: warehouses, storage areas, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, clean rooms, processing areas and labs. The FlashLink RF 2.4GHz Wireless System uses modern ZigBee technology with unique floor plan mapping software. The System is a wide area, real-time monitoring, recording and alarm system with user-defined set up, continuous monitoring and complete management reporting for temperature and humidity.