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For monitoring shipments of perishable or vulnerable commodities, loggers are a valuable way to ensure traceability and maintain shipment quality. But, what if you could get a 2-in-1 logger?

The new FlashLink RTL Prime 2G and 3G In-Transit Loggers offer just that—real-time reporting and a PDF backup report when cellular service is unavailable. The loggers monitor both temperature and location, so you can track deliveries using a cloud-based service to see real-time route information and conditions in a truck or airplane. With the USB port, you can instantly download PDF files as a backup. These loggers also have a full year shelf life and feature “Flight Mode” which allows for secure use on airplanes. Both 2G and 3G models are available.

Users are able access trip data via a smartphone or the built-in USB connector. Once accessed on a smartphone, the PDF report can be shared via email or text message.

Real-Time loggers are unique in that they provide shippers and/or receivers early notification of arriving cargo. When used on an ocean container, the device will ping coastal cell towers as the vessel approaches port. With this alert, owners can request that port personnel begin preparations for the container’s impending arrival.

The 3G model enables exporters to track shipments to countries where 2G is unavailable such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the United Kingdom. The RTL Prime 3G is a good choice for anyone shipping to these countries. Even when the RTL travels with a shipment from a 2G to a 3G country, the logger will continue recording and a complete trip report is guaranteed.

And finally when the trip is done and the report has been generated, don’t throw away the logger but take advantage of DeltaTrak’s GoGreen Recycling Program.

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