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Keeping your customers and employees healthy is no small matter. As you re-open and re-staff, it is often necessary to check temperatures of those entering the facility. But, how can you do this efficiently and quickly especially when you have large numbers of people entering? Now, it is possible to auto temperature check individuals entering your facility for fever symptoms.

A high-quality, effective tool at your temperature checking station will help you to quickly identify anyone who has a fever.

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The Health Services Team is focused on providing critical tools and equipment to help you stay open for business.

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One of the activities that has changed the most since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is work. Most of the country was forced indoors when the shelter-in-place was enacted, resulting in many people either losing their jobs or creating home offices. After several months, businesses are re-opening and implementing policies and procedures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among their employees and customers. The CDC recommends the use of respiratory protection and face coverings as infection control devices. There are several types of respiratory protection/face coverings available, with varying levels of effectiveness.

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Temesa Lewis is a Marketing Communications Writer with DeltaTrak, Inc. Her professional background includes roles in sales/account management, human resources and training.

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