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For commercial dishwashing, how do you ensure that the minimum sanitizing temperature has been reached per the FDA Food Code? Perhaps, the best kitchen safety solution for the job is the FlashCheck Waterproof Dishwasher Thermometer Kit. This kit will check temperatures inside the commercial dishwashers while saving money by helping to control energy costs.

How do you know that this is the best tool for the job? This dishwasher kit has been purpose-built for monitoring commercial dishwasher temperatures. The kit includes a Lollipop Probe Thermometer with jumbo display that is NSF Certified and is housed in a flexible IP65 waterproof plastic protective heat shield.

The NSF Certified Lollipop Thermometer includes minimum and maximum memory features to record the lowest and highest temperature between -40°F and 311°F (-40°C and 155°C). This dishwasher tool has been designed for verifying dishwasher and holding temperatures for HACCP compliance. In addition to being NIST Certified, the thermometer is also NIST Traceable, CE marked, and is easily field calibrated with an auto-calibration feature. The thermometer’s small diameter probe is also ideal for measuring temperature of “thin mass” foods such as chicken fillets or meat patties.

The protective heat shield of the kit is bright red for easy identification both inside and outside of the dishwasher. It protects the thermometer’s LCD display from overheating and turning black when the thermometer is used in consecutive cycles.

By saving energy and ensuring sanitation compliance, the FlashCheck Dishwasher Thermometer Kit is an ideal tool for commercial dishwashing.

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