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Still on the fence in deciding whether to try the Mini PDF In-Transit Logger? The following reasons might help to make up your mind:

  • Shadow Log –
    According to DeltaTrak hard data, 12% of all in-transit loggers are never started. Until now, that meant that your shipment was not guaranteed. The unique, patented DeltaTrak Shadow Log feature in the Mini PDF In-Transit Loggers means that temperature data will still be recorded even if you forget to start the logger.
  • Plug and Play –
    The Mini PDF In-Transit Loggers require no special software to download reports or any special reading device. The loggers include a built-in USB connector and automatically generate reports in both °F and °C scales.
  • No Interpretation –
    Reports include a clear, full graph. No interpretation is necessary. The electronic record also makes it easier to archive the trip report to support possible insurance claims.
  • Two Models to Choose From –
    In addition to the standard 31010 model, there is another 31011 model designed with high (8°C) and low (2°C) alarm settings.
  • Good Track Record –
    Thousands of Mini PDF In-Transit Loggers have been used to guarantee shipments. Thousands of satisfied shippers keep returning for more of these loggers.
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