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As the supply chain faces ongoing challenges and potentially additional supply chain shocks, it is more important than ever to monitor and track your shipments through the supply chain. To better assist decision-makers in navigating through the rough seas brought on by the disruptive supply chain situation, DeltaTrak is now offering FlashTrak Maritime Service. This new service provides importers and exporters with shipment location visibility while at sea.

FlashTrak is DeltaTrak's leading cloud service that provides real-time monitoring for temperature, humidity, light and shock. Now, with its release, Maritime Service has been integrated with FlashTrak to provide visibility of ocean container vessel location, departure date and ETA to further empower customers with the information they need.

FlashTrak Maritime Service uses GPS positioning and automatic identification systems to show vessel location and estimated time of arrival. Typically once a container leaves the port, its whereabouts are unknown, but now DeltaTrak customers can confidently move forward with the necessary data to take action. The new service offers FlashTrak subscribers with end to end temperature and location data during ground and ocean transport. Other sensor data such as humidity, light and shock are also available, depending on the DeltaTrak Real Time Logger model used.

Now, you can proactively manage shipment location and conditions to reduce the risk of arrival delays and product loss due to temperature and humidity excursions. Additional light and shock sensors designed into the new 4G/5G Real-Time Loggers alert you to unplanned security access which reduces and averts potential product theft during transportation.

Knowing the location of a shipment, the estimated time of arrival (ETA), and delayed arrival period from the original schedule, allows for advanced insurance claims notification, scheduling of inspections and customer pick-ups. This knowledge enables decision-makers to quickly make informed choices regarding cargo disposition and potentially can even shift the line between profit and loss.

Ultimately, FlashTrak Maritime Service is designed to put you in a better position to answer the questions: Where is my shipment and when will it arrive?

You can visit DeltaTrak at Fruit Logistica 2022 Berlin, Germany April 5-7, 2022 in Hall 23, Stand A-11 for a free demonstration.

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