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A new association for today. A transformation, not an iteration. The engine to help drive our industry forward. Cathy Burns and Tom Stenzel, the International Fresh Produce Association’s Co-CEOs, talk about the new produce/floral industry association using these and other glowing terms. Having previously served as the CEOs of Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and United Fresh, respectively, Burns and Stenzel believe the role of International Fresh Produce Association is to advocate, connect and guide.

From FreshPAC (the association’s political action committee) to the Foundation for Fresh Produce, to the Food Safety and Government Advocacy Fund, the IFPA offers a wealth of support and information to its members and the world at large. The association has established seven strategic priorities.

  • Serve fresh produce and floral supply chains, while growing membership and participation.
  • Advocate for a positive business climate in the US and North America, supporting growth of member businesses.
  • Promote free and fair global trade.
  • Provide expertise and solutions in the areas of food safety, new technology, supply chain management, sustainability, leadership and talent development, business operations, marketing and more.
  • Support supply chain cohesiveness, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Enhance sales and marketing connections across the produce and floral industries.
  • Promote increased consumption of produce and floral products, increasing the profitability of member businesses.

On the legislative/policy front, IFPA supports the following initiatives:

  • The Ocean Shipping Reform Act, the DRIVE Act, and efforts to address supply chain issues affecting perishable goods
  • Reform of the immigration system to help build a legal and dependable workforce
  • Various programs to increase access to fresh produce, specifically for children and families

The IFPA encourages its members to take advantage of volunteer leadership opportunities by serving on the various councils and committees. Industry leaders from organizations like Walmart, Wegman’s, Taylor Farms, Albertsons, Zespri and Bayer comprise the association’s Board of Directors.

The IFPA has planned a full year of events for 2022, including Spring Policy Forum, Floral Conference, the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Conference, BrandStorm, and the Global Produce and Floral Show. Given that the International Fresh Produce Association is a global organization, members from around the world will have the opportunity to attend events not only in the United States, but in Mexico, Australia, and Germany as well.

Learn more about the International Fresh Produce Association: International Fresh Produce Association

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