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Did you know that many in-transit loggers are never actually started? According to DeltaTrak hard data, 12% of loggers on inbound loads were never activated by the shipper. For these trips, shippers would have no data to support that they did what was necessary to deliver quality commodities to the receiver. This insurance and peace-of-mind would all be lost simply because the loader forgot to start the logger.

The patented Shadow Log fail-safe feature on the DeltaTrak loggers solves this problem. In a situation where the start button is not pressed on the logger, the logger will still report data and guarantee the trip. This data is also important in complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Still concerned that one of these loggers is not right for your application or shipment? DeltaTrak has a full range of in-transit loggers available with Shadow Log—from the wildly popular Flashlink Mini PDF In-Transit Loggers to the FlashLink VU with a large LCD display to the FlashLink USB PDF -80°C In-Transit Logger for carbon fiber prepreg, biological materials, and dry ice shipments. All of the loggers generate reports that include clear, full graphs with no interpretation necessary.

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